I am an orthopedic patient which means that I struggle with bone and muscle pain and it is nearly impossible for me to wear normal slippers, sandals or shoes etc. other than the ones which are orthopedic friendly.

It is quite challenging for me to find a good pair of footwear. But I keep on researching because I am a person who loves change and cannot keep on repeating the same shoes again and again. But this time I was looking for new orthopedic friendly slippers because I had a family vacation to attend. And I knew that there is no website other than Zappos where I can find comfort with style. And look at my luck i found Zappos $30 off coupon code which enticed me to buy more than I originally intended to.

Orthopedic Slippers are very difficult to find but with Zappos you can find different varieties according to your budget and the best thing is that they offer a wide range of shoe sizes catering to a large audience.

How I got to know about

Few years back when I was facing terrible muscle pain, I decided to go and see an orthopedist and get myself checked. He conducted several tests, X-rays and MRIs and then it was diagnosed that my foot including my ankle is badly affected. Along with medicines and other things he suggested me to wear comfortable shoes that have pressure points on those as it will help me reduce the pain and it make the pain comparatively bearable. I was completely clueless as I did not know where I could find such shoes from. So my orthopedist suggested And since then I have been a really loyal Zappos customer.

Did I like

Being completely honest, when I saw Zappos website for the first time I was completely stunned. At first, I did not usually shopped online so I had a very little experience of online shopping. But is such a user-friendly website that I did not take me anytime to get hold of it. The webpage was divided into categories and further divided into sub categories which made it very attractive and easy to use.

I was so excited to shop that I immediately clicked on the slippers option and went to the sub-category of Orthopedic slippers and there they were. I placed an order for 2 slippers in the beginning but after that I was up stoppable. As they really helped me ease my pain and added to my comfort.

I was told that I would be receiving the parcel after one or within two weeks but  to my surprise I received the parcel the very next week. I was simply surprised by the speed of delivery and even by its packaging.

When I wore those comfy, relaxing slippers for the first time almost everyone complimented me and few of my relatives even inquired about the place I got them from. From that day onwards, I have been recommending Zappos to everyone.  Not just for orthopedic slippers but for anything and everything. As Zappos is a one stop shop for all. It brings comfort with style.